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Hyatt Legal Plans

Hyatt Legal Plans is owned by Metlife Insurance Company.  The Company states the following:

  • Hyatt Legal Plans is the nation’s largest provider of prepaid legal plans.
  • We serve more than 12 million plan members through our nationwide network of over 12,000 attorneys.
  • Nearly 150 Fortune 500® companies offer a Hyatt legal plan.
  • Hyatt Legal Plans is the market leader with 35 years of progressive growth.
  • The world’s largest benefits consultants and accounting firms offer our legal plan.
  • Hyatt Legal Plans has been in the MetLife® family for more than 15 years.
  • A Hyatt legal plan is a Smart. Simple. Affordable® way to enhance the competitiveness of employee benefits programs.
  • We deliver service through 5,600 participating law firms in all 50 states.
  • Our model plan, MetLaw®, covers the most frequently needed, personal legal

See http://www.legalplans.com/about.html

The plans are described as follows:

MetLaw,® our model plan, was developed based on nearly 35 years of experience providing group legal plans. Paid through convenient payroll deductions, it covers the most frequently needed, personal legal matters. We also offer custom plans for groups with 4,000 or more benefit eligible employees. Please call us at 800-423-0300 for pricing.


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