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You may purchase these books from the API.

The API Concise Guide to Legal Service Plans – Our web site contains a general introduction to legal service plans, but for lawyers who are contemplating becoming a legal service provider and for others who are in the initial stages of designing a legal service plan, we publish the API Concise Guide to Legal Service Plans. The Guide is designed to acquaint readers with some of the details of how plans are constructed, how lawyers provide services, funding mechanisms, insights as to marketing of and consumer demand for legal service plans and the different arrangements open to lawyers interested in providing services.

The API Technical Assistance Packet Series – We receive many inquiries on how to design different legal service plan elements, how to structure legal service provider and administrative service agreements, what enrollment forms to use, how other plans evaluate the quality of their services and similar questions. To help you find answers to these questions, we have compiled a series of Technical Assistance Packets containing samples of forms, contracts, newsletters, promotional materials and other techniques used by legal plans across the country.

The Prepaid Legal Services Regulation Reporter (Click Here for More Information)- Legal service plan regulation is the most complex aspect of designing, marketing and maintaining a legal service plan. To provide a ready reference to the statutes, rules and decisions needed by legal service plan professionals, we have developed Prepaid Legal Services Regulation Reporter –a 1200-page four-volume loose-leaf binder set, updated quarterly. The Reporter brings you the statutes, insurance department summaries, lawyer’s ethics codes and other data on each of the states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

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